Monday, December 1, 2014

Extremely motivated: Kelley School's champions in the National Diversity Case Competition

These four students will represent Indiana University and the Kelley School in next month's National Diversity Case Competition on the Kelley campus.

The IU Kelley team is:

  • Maya Caine, Information Systems and Business Analytics major, French minor
  • Mica Caine, Information Systems and Security Informatics major, French minor
  • Thomas Dougherty, Economic Consulting and International Business major, Chinese minor
  • Keiondre Goodwin, Economic Consulting and International Business major, Chinese minor

The competition to get here was tough. They competed against other bright and talented teams in the IU Diversity Case Competition to qualify. In that competition, students were asked how they would attract and retain more women in business. The student teams came up with solutions ranging from high school student outreach to advocating for more reasonable maternity and paternity leaves.

The IU team says their greatest strength is extreme motivation: "Although we are all freshmen, we are dedicated to producing quality work."

Where's your game face? There's still time to represent your college or university at the NDCC. You can apply as a visiting school here.

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