Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It runs in the family

Jeff Rowe, MBA'16, and Natalie Rowe, MBA'13,
took turns pursuing Kelley MBAs while visiting one
another as far as 2,000 miles away.
Jeff and Natalie Rowe grew up together and moved 2,000 miles to the Midwest for MBA degrees at Kelley. They did it separately: Jeff worked in California until Natalie graduated in 2013, and now Natalie works in Louisville while Jeff pursues his Kelley MBA.

They're working as a team to accomplish their individual career goals. It's the perfect Kelley story.

Sometimes, being a Kelley just runs in the family. Or, the personality traits that made you choose Kelley happen to align perfectly with someone else's personality traits that drew them here, too.

Last week we posted this photo and asked how Kelley runs in your family. We got some great responses. Siblings, parents, spouses, fianc├ęs, and generations of Kelleys sent photos and stories.

Here is what you said.

Do you have Kelleys in your family? Share your story in the comments.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kelley genes: Do you have them?

Earlier this week, we posted a photo of this baby to our social media channels. Her name is Emma, and she is the granddaughter of Jeff Fettig, Kelley BS'79, MBA'81, CEO and Chairman of Whirlpool. Her uncle, Jay, graduated with a Kelley MBA last spring.

Naturally, people loved this photo. The baby is wearing a Kelley School of Business bib. She is literally drooling on the Kelley School of Business.

The Kelley alumni network is one of the largest business school networks in the country. And within that network, there are children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and siblings who follow the same paths of relatives who have degrees from the Kelley School. Or, in this case, infants who haven't yet decided on business school, but have the look of determination that all Kelleys have, already at two months old.

Think about it this way: Being a Kelley means something more than a degree—it's more like a personality trait. If you're a Kelley, it's likely that you're self aware, mindful, and straightforward. You know that challenges only bring you closer to success, and that every moment is an opportunity. So you work hard, you keep your goals in check, and you work toward them every day.

These are the types of personality traits that run in families. It's genetic. And so, year after year, families pass down the tradition of Kelley, a place where drive, determination, and self discovery are nurtured.

Do you have Kelley genes in your family? Generations of Kelleys? Perhaps you share the gene with your spouse or partner? Tell us about it. Include a photo. We'd love to prove our point here. 

Emma and her older cousin Kennedy, another granddaughter of Jeff and Marcia Fettig, and daughter of Jay Fettig, MBA'14.