Friday, October 10, 2014

Hodge Hall: It's like watching Kelley grow with you

Hodge Hall has been in business for just over a month. Here's what students and faculty are saying about the new building:

It's a fresh new experience.

Hodge Hall's expansion is the opening of a new era. One student said it's everything he imagined college would be like. The classrooms "just feel different," and that is because they are. The 16 new rooms in Hodge Hall are designed to emphasize the student, and new technology allows faculty to be more creative with the curriculum.

It's a hub for collaboration.

Our students are bright and driven, and they work best in teams. A year ago, you might have seen them gathering on the floor of the Hall of Honor, having meetings with their classmates. Now we have a building that helps facilitate not only student collaboration, but professional networking opportunities with visiting recruiters and successful alumni.

It's a result of great people.

James R. Hodge gave us a signal that reaffirmed what we're doing at Kelley. It's a signal of our success. The signal said, "We can do it ourselves." His gift of $15 million was a demonstration of commitment. It was our friends, our alumni, and our school that self-funded this building. Business is about people, and we now have an environment that will sustain leadership into the future.

It's like watching Kelley grow with you.

Many of our students have spent the last two years to the tune of hammers, saws, and drills while getting an education at Kelley. It was a distraction, and a major consideration before the construction began. But our students understand what the improved facility means for Kelley, and how it increases the value of their degree for years to come. In one student's words, it's like "watching Kelley grow with you."

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