Friday, February 7, 2014

Hodge Hall: Week 91 -- Other views

The limestone facade of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center expansion is complete on the front elevation. A few smaller sections were left open on the west side of the building to ease moving equipment and supplies in and out of the building. It will be completed in a couple of weeks. 

Photos by Kelley photographer Josh Anderson.

The south side of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center at the Kelley School of Business.
Windows will soon be installed in the bay feature, where students might sit next fall and look out
at the beautiful trees in the Arboretum.

Glass has been added to the prism feature in the Hodge Hall tower.

The Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center design is a modern take on collegiate Gothic architecture.

Limestone remains to be installed on only a small portion of the building. 

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