Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy holidays from the Kelley School of Business

From all of us at the Kelley School of Business in Bloomington and Indianapolis, we wish our Kelley family and friends a warm, safe, and peaceful holiday season.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Q&A with CareBand and SwapBeat: What makes a winning idea?

Startup Weekend Bloomington gave teams 54 hours to launch a startup that would change the world.

Two of the three winning ideas were led by IU and Kelley School of Business students. The 1st place winner, CareBand, is a wearable wandering management solution for people with dementia. The 3rd place winner, SwapBeat, is a social commerce platform to buy and sell instrumental music between producers and recording artists.

CareBand and SwapBeat have moved on to the Regional track of the Global Startup Battle, and voting will determine which two ideas in the US Central/East region will move on to the global competition.

Voting ends tonight.

CareBand is a wearable wandering management solution for people with dementia. The CareBand team is Scott Trepper, Andrew Jones, Claudia Maria, Adam Sobol, Vince Rowold, and Chris Chu.

Vote for CareBand

SwapBeat is a social commerce platform for buying and selling instrumental music between producers and recording artists. The SwapBeat team is Mary Catherine Burns, Askar Akhmetshin, Sanjana Nayak, Chris Williams, Natalie Lamm, and Francis Mejia

Vote for SwapBeat

CareBand's Adam Sobol and SwapBeat's Christopher Williams sat down to answer a few questions about how ideas are born, and what makes a winning idea.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Extremely motivated: Kelley School's champions in the National Diversity Case Competition

These four students will represent Indiana University and the Kelley School in next month's National Diversity Case Competition on the Kelley campus.

The IU Kelley team is:

  • Maya Caine, Information Systems and Business Analytics major, French minor
  • Mica Caine, Information Systems and Security Informatics major, French minor
  • Thomas Dougherty, Economic Consulting and International Business major, Chinese minor
  • Keiondre Goodwin, Economic Consulting and International Business major, Chinese minor

The competition to get here was tough. They competed against other bright and talented teams in the IU Diversity Case Competition to qualify. In that competition, students were asked how they would attract and retain more women in business. The student teams came up with solutions ranging from high school student outreach to advocating for more reasonable maternity and paternity leaves.

The IU team says their greatest strength is extreme motivation: "Although we are all freshmen, we are dedicated to producing quality work."

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

It runs in the family

Jeff Rowe, MBA'16, and Natalie Rowe, MBA'13,
took turns pursuing Kelley MBAs while visiting one
another as far as 2,000 miles away.
Jeff and Natalie Rowe grew up together and moved 2,000 miles to the Midwest for MBA degrees at Kelley. They did it separately: Jeff worked in California until Natalie graduated in 2013, and now Natalie works in Louisville while Jeff pursues his Kelley MBA.

They're working as a team to accomplish their individual career goals. It's the perfect Kelley story.

Sometimes, being a Kelley just runs in the family. Or, the personality traits that made you choose Kelley happen to align perfectly with someone else's personality traits that drew them here, too.

Last week we posted this photo and asked how Kelley runs in your family. We got some great responses. Siblings, parents, spouses, fianc├ęs, and generations of Kelleys sent photos and stories.

Here is what you said.

Do you have Kelleys in your family? Share your story in the comments.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kelley genes: Do you have them?

Earlier this week, we posted a photo of this baby to our social media channels. Her name is Emma, and she is the granddaughter of Jeff Fettig, Kelley BS'79, MBA'81, CEO and Chairman of Whirlpool. Her uncle, Jay, graduated with a Kelley MBA last spring.

Naturally, people loved this photo. The baby is wearing a Kelley School of Business bib. She is literally drooling on the Kelley School of Business.

The Kelley alumni network is one of the largest business school networks in the country. And within that network, there are children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and siblings who follow the same paths of relatives who have degrees from the Kelley School. Or, in this case, infants who haven't yet decided on business school, but have the look of determination that all Kelleys have, already at two months old.

Think about it this way: Being a Kelley means something more than a degree—it's more like a personality trait. If you're a Kelley, it's likely that you're self aware, mindful, and straightforward. You know that challenges only bring you closer to success, and that every moment is an opportunity. So you work hard, you keep your goals in check, and you work toward them every day.

These are the types of personality traits that run in families. It's genetic. And so, year after year, families pass down the tradition of Kelley, a place where drive, determination, and self discovery are nurtured.

Do you have Kelley genes in your family? Generations of Kelleys? Perhaps you share the gene with your spouse or partner? Tell us about it. Include a photo. We'd love to prove our point here. 

Emma and her older cousin Kennedy, another granddaughter of Jeff and Marcia Fettig, and daughter of Jay Fettig, MBA'14.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

National Diversity Case Competition: Highlights

The 2015 National Diversity Case Competition will be held over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend on the Kelley School campus. The NDCC is an opportunity for underrepresented minority students on university campuses nationwide to compete in solving diversity-related business challenges, network with corporations that value diversity, and share ideas. It's a prime networking event that connects top students with top companies, right here at Indiana University.

Hear what recruiters and students are saying about the NDCC, and learn how you can get involved:

Information for Visiting Students
Information for IU Students
Information for Corporate Partners

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Who are you? A workbook to discover your personal brand

When was the last time you nurtured your personal brand?

The Kelley School of Business hosted a panel yesterday at the Indiana Governor's Conference for Women to a packed room full of great questions. How often should you groom your social media profiles? What do you talk about, if you have limited experience in your career? How can you use your personal brand to inspire and lead a company or organization?

Who are you, and why does it matter? 

If you missed yesterday's breakout session, you can download the interactive workbook and start answering these questions for yourself. The workbook is based on Me, Inc. curriculum created by the Kelley School's Graduate Career Services team, and includes tips on how to talk about yourself online, strengthen your LinkedIn profile, and define what makes you different.

Download The Power of Your Personal Brand

More highlights from yesterday's session, after the jump.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hodge Hall: It's like watching Kelley grow with you

Hodge Hall has been in business for just over a month. Here's what students and faculty are saying about the new building:

It's a fresh new experience.

Hodge Hall's expansion is the opening of a new era. One student said it's everything he imagined college would be like. The classrooms "just feel different," and that is because they are. The 16 new rooms in Hodge Hall are designed to emphasize the student, and new technology allows faculty to be more creative with the curriculum.

It's a hub for collaboration.

Our students are bright and driven, and they work best in teams. A year ago, you might have seen them gathering on the floor of the Hall of Honor, having meetings with their classmates. Now we have a building that helps facilitate not only student collaboration, but professional networking opportunities with visiting recruiters and successful alumni.

It's a result of great people.

James R. Hodge gave us a signal that reaffirmed what we're doing at Kelley. It's a signal of our success. The signal said, "We can do it ourselves." His gift of $15 million was a demonstration of commitment. It was our friends, our alumni, and our school that self-funded this building. Business is about people, and we now have an environment that will sustain leadership into the future.

It's like watching Kelley grow with you.

Many of our students have spent the last two years to the tune of hammers, saws, and drills while getting an education at Kelley. It was a distraction, and a major consideration before the construction began. But our students understand what the improved facility means for Kelley, and how it increases the value of their degree for years to come. In one student's words, it's like "watching Kelley grow with you."

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hodge Hall: Week 120 -- Preserving the trees

Some 400-500 maple trees will be planted on campus in
honor of Herman B Wells and his dedication to keeping
the IU campus beautiful.

Herman B Wells was a fierce protector of trees and green spaces at Indiana University. He was intent on preserving the woodland character of the campus, even during enormous growth and land acquisition in the 25 years he was president. 

Wells' policy was that for every tree cut down, two trees must be replanted. No matter what.

So when the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center began expanding two years ago to make room for the growing needs of the Kelley School of Business, and construction cleared about a dozen trees along 10th Street, our deans developed a plan for how we’d replant those trees.

One tree, a sugar maple dedicated to Wells himself, was a tough one to remove. But landscape experts collected seeds from the tree, and used those seeds to produce an estimated 400-500 smaller trees over the last two years. 

We hope to plant 100 of these trees this fall in Dunn’s Woods. The remaining trees are anticipated to be planted on campus over the next few years after they have grown to a more substantial size. 

Other trees that were removed for construction were preserved until the final phase. Last week, those trees were repurposed into sturdy, herringbone wood floors and baseboards in conference and presentation rooms that will overlook the Arboretum for years to come.

Classes begin Monday, and construction is on schedule. The Hodge Hall expansion and renovation project also includes updates to the original building, happening now through 2016. 

Finishing touches are all that remain in the new Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center: Detailing, cleaning, and installing technology. All classrooms and both auditoriums are furnished, and the screens are being mounted in the conference rooms, classrooms and trading room—officially named the Dan and Maureen Aron Investment Center— this week. 

Here’s a look at the progress:

Friday, June 6, 2014

Hodge Hall: Week 108 -- The inside story

Windows frame a beautiful view of the IU campus from the nearly completed expansion of the
Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center.

Just over two years ago, excavators started clawing at chunks of dirt on the east side of Fee Lane at 10th Street. That was the beginning of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center expansion and renovation project at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business. We're now almost halfway through the entire project, and just a couple of months away from being finished with the addition, which will be open when students return to IU this August. Ongoing renovations to the existing building are scheduled to be completed in 2016.

Here's an inside look at the progress.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hodge Hall: Week 93 -- Closing up the west wing

Closing time: The last of the concrete block and limestone is being installed.

The open spaces on the west side of Hodge Hall are getting a face lift this week.

The spaces were left open last summer to make it easier for workers to bring equipment and building supplies in and out on each floor of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center expansion.

Wooden barn-like doors protected the interior from the weather all through the winter, but workers started installing the remainder of the concrete block this week. Windows are being set in place, and the limestone exterior will soon be complete.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Hodge Hall: Week 91 -- Other views

The limestone facade of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center expansion is complete on the front elevation. A few smaller sections were left open on the west side of the building to ease moving equipment and supplies in and out of the building. It will be completed in a couple of weeks. 

Photos by Kelley photographer Josh Anderson.

The south side of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center at the Kelley School of Business.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hodge Hall: Week 88 -- New Undergraduate office takes shape

Carpet has been installed in the new Undergraduate Program offices.

Modular walls map out the space for Undergraduate staff.
When you walk into the rooms on the second floor of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center expansion, you can no longer hear your footsteps.

Carpet has been installed in what will be the new Undergraduate Program offices. Modular walls are going up, mapping out the various offices for the Undergraduate staff.

Even though the exterior work is still underway, this milestone makes it easier to envision completion of the project. The expansion will be ready for the start of classes in Fall 2014.