Friday, November 22, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 80 -- Window to the future

The windows have been installed in the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center, giving a collegiate feel to the expansion. The panes are solid with adhesive lead strips creating the grid pattern. 
Enjoy the view.

A ladder is framed by one of the tall windows on the 10th Street side of Hodge Hall.
Outside in the distance, the point of the IU Art Museum is visible.

From the second floor of the Hodge Hall expansion, looking down into the tiered Commons area.
The main area will be filled with light from the tall windows.

New classrooms will also have a lot of natural light.

A student walks across the SPEA plaza, framed by windows on the east side of the expansion.

The windows have an old college feel to them, reminiscent of windows in older buildings on campus.
They'll be perfect for viewing IU's beautiful campus in every season.
Open windows and arches invite students inside the southeast entrance to Hodge Hall.

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