Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 67 -- View from my desk

Hodge Hall is looking positively green this week. 

The cement has been poured for the new hallway that cuts
through the mechanical room on the first floor.
Workers are finishing up the very last items on the Hodge Hall construction punch list for this summer's interior renovations in advance of the start of the fall semester.

Gender signs are going up outside of the new bathrooms. Electrical cords are being gathered and stowed. Dollies, carts and scaffolds are being rolled to new places. Boxes and the general detritus of construction are being broken down or swept up and tossed away.

The new hallway that required cutting through a wall and rerouting of pipes and cables in the mechanical room on the first floor is taking shape. The floor has been poured, and part of the wall has been sealed. The construction crew will build new walls before the access to the lower level of the theater-style classrooms in the existing building can be used.

On the outside, the Fee Lane side of Hodge Hall was treated this week with the green membrane air barrier that will help prevent moisture buildup between the concrete block and the limestone veneer that will soon be going up.

But it's the inside that students and visitors will appreciate most. The interior of the sections of the existing undergraduate building that are adjacent to the expansion will certainly look different to those returning to Kelley after months away. Gone are the old Spanish-style orange tiles that caused anything on wheels to make an incredible racket. The walls have a fresh coat of paint. Students and recruiters can once again get to the Undergraduate Career Services Office without walking outside to bypass the construction.

We're ready.

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