Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 62 - The view from my desk

Hodge Hall is sporting a new look on the Fee Lane side.

The last of the cement for the inside of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center was poured this week. We've watched cement mixers and pump trucks roll in and out for many months as the crew poured cement, spread it and polished the hard concrete on each floor. We watched as the tiered risers for the theater-style classroom were formed. This week, the crew filled each step of the metal "pan" stairs in the rear stairwell with cement. And that was that.

We have a new look on the Fee Lane side. The green paint we saw on the east and front elevations weeks ago has now been applied to the main tower. It's not really paint, but a "fluid-applied membrane air barrier." Gregg Rinnert, site manager for the Skillman Corporation, said the coating will keep moisture from collecting between the concrete block and limestone veneer.

There are a few more frames inside the windows on this side now. Most of the action is taking place on the east end of the front elevation. We'll take a peak at that progress next week. 

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