Monday, July 8, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 60 -- The view from my desk

The windows on the Fee Lane side of Hodge Hall are taking shape.

The patterned terrazzo floor has been poured
and polished on the third floor
outside the Department of Marketing.

Activity has slowed considerably outside my window, although I know there is a lot of work being done on the other side of the building and inside.

Outside, the crew has installed framing for the windows and added protective metal flashing above the bottom row of windows.

Inside, I got my first look at the terrazzo floor in the third floor corridor on the existing section of Hodge Hall outside the Department of Marketing. The floor has an asymmetrical pattern of different shades of tan and gray called "Ivory," "Deep Twilight" and "Nutmeg." The wall covering has been removed and the walls painted "Amazing Gray."

The restrooms are nearing completion. The stall walls and doors are stacked in the hallway awaiting installation and there are no sinks, but the wall tile is in place, the floors have been polished (they are covered with paper in the photo) and the walls painted a soft green called "Willow Tree." Automatic lighting has been installed so that the lights come on when you walk in the room.

One of the new women's restrooms is almost complete.

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