Monday, July 8, 2013

European students at Kelley institute experience an American Fourth

European students from the Global Social Entrepreneurship Institute captured Bloomington's Fourth of July parade
 as they kicked off their month-long program with the most American of holidays.
Red, white and bear? Young parade participants show their colors. 
Independence Day is all about freedom.

The Global Social Entrepreneurship Institute is a U.S. Department of State program that brought 20 European students from 13 countries to Bloomington for the month of July. These students are learning about social entrepreneurship through classes based on the top-rated curricula of the Kelley School of Business and School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Shortly after their arrival, the students had the opportunity to spend the Fourth of July with us. Eric Jorda, a GSEI participant from Spain, shares his experience.

If there is something that has caught (my still brief) attention of the United States of America it is your July 4th celebration!

For us, the members of GSEI,  it was a very complete day in which we discovered much more about American culture.

After a good breakfast, we headed to see the parade of Independence Day. We saw the representation of diverse groups, and it was great! 

Eric Jorda, right, experiences his first-ever baseball game,
complete with hot dogs and fireworks, at Victory Field in Indianapolis.
IU student Lauren Tarbutton, left, is working as a Resident Assistant
with the GSEI program.
  At the same time, it was very surprising for meto see how even with a huge variety of groups, the parade was a success. I think that in my country we can’t do that because probably the groups would fight against each other.

In the afternoon, we went to see a baseball game in Indianapolis. I've never seen one! I had a great time, ate many hot dogs and nachos, and plus that, the Indiana team won 4-1!

Our July 4th ended with fireworks after the game, however our stay here has only just begun. I think none of us can predict how many unforgettable experiences we are going to live here.

I'm learning a lot from all my classes, but more importantly, I'm learning a lot from my peers, their way of seeing and understanding the world and its cultures. Every night when I go to sleep, I feel very lucky.

Thanks GSEI mates, and thanks Sara, Andrew, Rachel and Lauren for all your help and kindness, and above all, thank you all for all the experiences that I got, and thank you for all the experiences that will come in time.

Vive aprendiendo, para aprender a vivir.
Eric J.

After the Indians' victory, the GSEI students capture Fourth of July fireworks on their smart phones.

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