Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 55 -- The view from my desk

The scaffolds have been moved to the Fee Lane side of the project, meaning we'll see the main wall
 go up soon on this side. 

Masons have made quick work of the
 rear stairwell tower.

With the front tower all but complete, the masons have been focused on the rear stairwell this week, and the work is moving pretty quickly.

We've watched workers shovel sand into mixers, mixers ooze mortar into troughs, and the crane lift the troughs up to the scaffolds, where masons methodically stack concrete block onto concrete block.

On the inside of Hodge Hall, renovation work is moving faster than expected -- a good thing! The terrazzo floors in some of  the hallways have been poured and the fixtures in the new  bathrooms are being installed. 

We might have to take another look at the inside reno work in a couple of weeks to get a glimpse of what will await the students when they return in August. 

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