Friday, June 7, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 56 -- The view from my desk

The scaffolds are set up along the west side of the Hodge Hall expansion, stacked with concrete block.

The masons working on the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center expansion have started laying the concrete block all along the westside elevation facing Fee Lane and my window.

The work on the rear stairwell tower went very quickly. Nathan Morrison, Kelley's construction liaison, explained to me that they put up the walls around the stairwells first so that they can be used safely by the workers.

The front tower stairwell has the handrail attached to the stairs, but the handrails in the rear stairwell will have to attach to the walls, which made it necessary to build the walls before pouring the cement into the pan stairs. It might be interesting to watch the cement pumper angling through those window openings to get that job done.

Another exciting milestone this week: On the east side of the construction, tucked under an awning so you can't really see it, masons have started laying the limestone veneer. (Just noticed "milestone" and "limestone" are anagrams....)

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