Friday, June 28, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 59 -- The view from my desk

The walls are up on the Fee Lane side of the Hodge Hall expansion. 

Well, that's impressive.

The installation of the concrete block is all but finished on the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center. Workers left some larger "window" openings on the Fee Lane side to make it easier to load or remove material on the upper floors using the hydraulic lift. But they'll soon match the other window openings.

We saw a little bit of black granite being installed around the bottom of the tower. The masons continue to work on the limestone veneer on the other side of the building. That process is a little slower than installing the concrete block, so it might be a while before we see the limestone on the west side.

Window frames have also been added to the front elevation.

This is the front elevation along 10th Street as seen from the entrance to the Arboretum.
(Photo by Kelley School photographer Josh Anderson)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 58 -- The view from my desk

The exterior concrete block on the west side of the expansion should be completed early next week.

And just like that, the concrete block has been installed all the way up past the third floor of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center expansion.

It's amazing how fast the masons work, very methodical and efficient. That phase of the work should be done early next week.

Inside the existing building, the crew has been working to get the hallways done and the bathrooms renovated before students return for the fall semester. Gregg Rinnert, site manager for The Skillman Corporation, said the terrazzo floors have been poured, and they will start polishing them next week after the walls have been painted.

They've also started installing the bathroom fixtures in the new bathrooms.

The masons continue to install limestone on the east side, and have started framing the windows with limestone on the 10th Street side.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 57 - The view from my desk

The storms bypassed us this week, which made it easier for the masons to work on the concrete block.

We've watched this week as the scaffold climbed higher day by day outside of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center expansion. Some bad storms that were supposed to hit Monroe County midweek ended up skirting us, and by the end of the week, the masons had finished laying the concrete block wall for the first floor of the expansion.

I was glad to see windows on this side of the building. The theater-style classrooms on the other side of that concrete block often are in rooms with solid brick walls.

Installing the limestone veneer is like putting a big puzzle together.
On the other side of Hodge Hall, the masons continued installing the limestone veneer. Gregg Rinnert, site manager for The Skillman Corporation, shared some photos with us of the beginnings of that exciting phase of the construction.

Looking collegiate: The first window to be blocked in. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 56 -- The view from my desk

The scaffolds are set up along the west side of the Hodge Hall expansion, stacked with concrete block.

The masons working on the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center expansion have started laying the concrete block all along the westside elevation facing Fee Lane and my window.

The work on the rear stairwell tower went very quickly. Nathan Morrison, Kelley's construction liaison, explained to me that they put up the walls around the stairwells first so that they can be used safely by the workers.

The front tower stairwell has the handrail attached to the stairs, but the handrails in the rear stairwell will have to attach to the walls, which made it necessary to build the walls before pouring the cement into the pan stairs. It might be interesting to watch the cement pumper angling through those window openings to get that job done.

Another exciting milestone this week: On the east side of the construction, tucked under an awning so you can't really see it, masons have started laying the limestone veneer. (Just noticed "milestone" and "limestone" are anagrams....)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 55 -- The view from my desk

The scaffolds have been moved to the Fee Lane side of the project, meaning we'll see the main wall
 go up soon on this side. 

Masons have made quick work of the
 rear stairwell tower.

With the front tower all but complete, the masons have been focused on the rear stairwell this week, and the work is moving pretty quickly.

We've watched workers shovel sand into mixers, mixers ooze mortar into troughs, and the crane lift the troughs up to the scaffolds, where masons methodically stack concrete block onto concrete block.

On the inside of Hodge Hall, renovation work is moving faster than expected -- a good thing! The terrazzo floors in some of  the hallways have been poured and the fixtures in the new  bathrooms are being installed. 

We might have to take another look at the inside reno work in a couple of weeks to get a glimpse of what will await the students when they return in August.