Monday, May 20, 2013

Miller wins prestigious AAA award for Accounting research

Brian Miller

The American Accounting Association will be honoring Kelley School professor Brian Miller with the 2013 Notable Contributions to Accounting Literature Award at the annual meeting in August. 

The award recognizes the contributions of Miller's paper, “The Importance of Distinguishing Errors from Irregularities in Restatement Research: The Case of Restatements and CEO/CFO Turnover,”  which was co-authored with Karen Hennes and Andy Leone and published in The Accounting Review in 2008.   

The Notable Contributions Award is one of the AAA’s major awards and is based on the magnitude of a paper’s contribution to accounting education, practice, and/or future accounting research, as well as the breadth of potential interest and originality of the content.

Brian’s award continues the Accounting faculty’s outstanding achievements with AAA  national research awards. Honorees in the last five years include Leslie Hodder (AAA/Deloitte Wildman Medal Award, 2009) and  Pat Hopkins (Distinguished Contributions to Accounting Literature Award, 2011) for AAA level awards, and Sonja Rego (ATA Tax Manuscript Award, 2011) for AAA section awards.

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