Friday, May 24, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 54 -- The view from my desk

The concrete block work on the tower is almost complete.

This green coating will help deter moisture from causing problems
after the limestone veneer is added.

The Hodge Hall expansion is looking a little green this week.

On the 10th Street side on the east end of the expansion, the concrete block is now coated with a "fluid-applied membrane air barrier," according to Gregg Rinnert, site manager for the Skillman Corporation. Gregg says the coating keeps the warm air inside the building from mixing with the cold air outside in the winter and creating moisture between the concrete block and the limestone veneer.

This photo was taken from the Bridge hallway.
The pale green looks nice as a backdrop to the beautiful spring flowers that adorn the IU campus, and today had to be just about the nicest day we've had this spring, a perfect day to get a jump on the holiday weekend by spending Carb Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in advance of the Indy 500, or just about anywhere that wasn't inside.

It's a good thing most people were out enjoying the beautiful day because the older part of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center was closed and without power as workers got a lot of new electrical wiring hooked up to the new transformer and air-handling units. The power was turned back on around 4:30 p.m.

The view from my desk this week shows the concrete block has just about reached the top of the entry tower, and workers have already made good progress on the rear stairwell.

The slate roof is also all but finished. Brandon Wolf, BIM manager with Skillman Corp., shared some photos with us from a bird's eye view. (BIM stands for Building Information Modeling, just in case you were wondering....)

Nice shot of the slate roof by Skillman's Brandon Wolf.

Looking out over one of the gables onto 10th Street.

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