Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 52 -- One year since Undergrad Center expansion began

It's been a year of excavators, jack hammers and welders. A year of aerial lifts,
90-ton cranes and cement pumpers.
Look at how far we've come in building the future of business.

We're on the upper tier of the first floor of the Hodge Hall expansion, looking toward the lobby at 10th and Fee. This will be "The Commons" area, with lots of seating for studying and collaborating.

Students on the middle tier of the first floor will be able to see various floors in this airy Commons area.

The stairwell in the front tower was installed in the last month. 

Tall windows in The Commons will contribute to the openness of the space.

In about a year and a half, 180 students will be sitting in this theater-style classroom that's part of a matching set. 

Kelleys will have to get ahead of the curve to get to the second floor.

The Trading Room on the second floor will have a glass front
so that students can look down into The Commons and those in
The Commons can look up to see the action on the ticker.

Old and new: Concrete blocks are where windows used to be in an exterior wall of the Undergraduate center that is now an interior wall of the expansion.

This is where the second floor student lounge used to be.
It will be a walk-through to the expansion with a recycling center on the left.

The tile has been installed in one of the new bathrooms, and the terrazzo floor
has been put in. It will look much nicer when polished. 

While there is a lot of building going on, there is still demolition taking place. The concrete had to be busted out of these metal stairs to make their removal easier. This stairwell is on the front right of the building, near SPEA.

The crew continues to work on framing the rooms on the fourth floor.

The chevron-shaped element will be a glass feature in the tower.

The entry to the Arboretum can be seen through the tower stairwell.

The east end of the fourth floor will lead out to a terrace, which is being used
as a holding space for insulation at the moment.

From the terrace, you can get a good view of the Wells Library and the Arboretum.

The terrace is an extension of the Hodge Hall expansion.

The view from a fourth floor window.

This will be the large meeting room on the fourth floor. Tall windows will let a lot of light into this room, which will have a high, coffered ceiling.

How would you like to install concrete block on the INSIDE of an elevator shaft?
Claustrophobic masons need not apply.

The view from the top of the tower stairwell.

This is what the crew calls "the penthouse." No, it's not where the dean's office is going to be. This area under the slanted roof houses the air units and other utilities. 

The slate tile roof is almost complete, and
workers are adding copper tile to the side wall.

The masons on the scaffold around the tower have a pretty good view of campus.

More of that view. Even on an overcast day, it's still beautiful.

From the top of Hodge Hall, looking across Fee Lane at Kelley's Godfrey Center.

The view from my desk, Week 1.

The view from my desk, Week 52. One year and counting....

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