Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 49 -- The view from my desk

This is not the view from my desk; it's the view from the Wells Library. I thought you should see all the work that's
been done around the corner.  Kelley will have a formidable presence on 10th Street. (Photo by Josh Anderson.)

The masonry work on the front elevation of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center expansion is nearly complete, and it's pretty impressive, even in its industrial concrete block state.

Here's my view. Not too many changes visible, but....
The hydraulic scaffolds will make their way onto the Fee Lane side of the building next week. But first, the last of the cement for the ground floor has to be poured.

...there has been a lot going on inside the frame. The crew
started pouring the concrete risers for theater seating
on the ground floor. (Photo by Gregg Rinnert.)
The crew has been working on shaping the concrete risers for the two theater-style classrooms that will seat 180 students each.

And the interior staircase is being assembled.
Another milestone got underway this week: The assembly of the metal stairwell in the lobby area of the expansion. The stairway is on the Fee Lane side of the building and will be painted and trimmed with wood.

Inside, the terrazzo tile has been installed in the new restrooms. We may have to take a look at that next week....

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