Monday, March 18, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 44 -- The view from my desk

Up high, down low: Part of the construction crew works on the upper floor of the expansion while others have been making a slope for the tiered classroom on the ground floor.
(Editor's note: Due to basketball games beyond our control, this blog post is a couple of days late.)

While the students and much of the faculty and staff were gone for Spring Break, the construction crew completed a major transition of power in Hodge Hall.

Electricity to Hodge Hall was shut off for three days while workers hooked up a new transformer for the building. Everything went well, and the undergraduate side of the Kelley campus was reopened before the end of the work day on Wednesday. Although it was a little chilly while the heat worked to catch up, faculty and staff were happy to get back to their offices.

Work continued on the concrete masonry on the east side of the building and materials are in place to start work on the Fee Lane side. At the foot of the expansion near the corner entrance, you can see the platform sections that are part of a hydraulic scaffold workers will stand on while putting the concrete block in place.

On Friday, the last of the cement was poured for the second through the fourth floors. Only part of the ground floor slab remains to be poured.

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