Friday, March 1, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 42 -- The view from my desk

A light snow falls on the Hodge Hall site.

Metal, cement and crushed stone are the themes of the week at the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center construction site.

A section of the ground floor slab was poured this week.
(Photo by Gregg Rinnert of Skillman Corp.)
More interior framework has been installed, along with more metal ducts and electrical conduits. You can now see the classroom walls on the fourth floor, as well as the frames that will form the walls between the classrooms and the hallways.

On the 10th Street side this week, the crew took advantage of a small window of "warm enough" weather to pour the slab on the east side of the ground floor. We'll have to wait for the temps to rise a bit before more of the cement can be poured.

Workers on the Fee Lane side are getting ready. They loaded some crushed stone inside the footprint on the ground floor and packed it down to make the slope for the theater-style tiered classrooms.

More concrete block for the exterior of the building also arrived.

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