Friday, January 18, 2013

Hodge Hall: Week 36 -- The view from my desk

Beautiful, sunny day in Btown.

Things outside my window don't look a whole lot different this week, but that doesn't mean there hasn't been plenty of work going on.

Crews have finished pouring, spreading and smoothing the concrete floors on each level of the Fee Lane side of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center.

The "hangers" you can just make out dropping from the ceiling of the first floor (OK, you have to look kind of hard), are actually on every level, and they'll be used to hang wires, tubes and conduit for mechanical, electrical and HVAC components.

A shipment of electrical conduit was unloaded this week, and the electricians have been busy connecting the old part of the building to the new.

I'm also just beginning to see some of the metal framing and larger conduits, as workers on the 10th Street side move west.

It's pretty amazing how fast this is coming together!

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