Friday, December 21, 2012

Hodge Hall: Week 32 -- The view from my desk

We got a couple of inches of snow today. (Photo by Tim Smith of the MBA office)
It has been really quiet here with the students gone for Winter Break. But even though there's no activity in the classrooms until January, there will be plenty of it in the hallways.

Construction workers on Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center are taking advantage of the decrease in foot traffic to remove those old orange Spanish-style tiles in the hallways as part of the interior renovation. You know the ones -- they make it impossible to quietly roll a cart or a chair past the classrooms.

The goal is to remove the tile from all four floors in the south section of the building before the students return for class Jan. 7, leaving bare, but smooth, concrete.

During the summer months when there are fewer students here, the crew will start installing a terrazzo-type floor similar to what's under your feet when you're standing in Kelley's Hall of Honor.

Outside this week, workers have continued on the steel frame on the Fee Lane side.

I'll be out for a few weeks for break, so it will be fun to see the progress when I get back. Look for the first update of 2013 on Jan 11. Happy holidays, everyone!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Hodge Hall: Week 31 -- The view from my desk

The steel for the west side of the Hodge Hall expansion is going up quickly.
My office mates remark on a daily basis how fast the steel frame for the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center expansion is going up. Sometimes it seems like the workers must have worked overnight, the change is so noticeable.

The ducts have arrived!

While still just a grid, really, the frame is a hive of activity during the day, with workers on every floor, welding, placing steel beams, putting down the decking. At lunch time, they all methodically navigate extension ladders from floor to floor.

But there was a small milestone this week -- the first load of ductwork arrived for the south side of the building. This is beginning to get real.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hodge Hall: Week 30 -- The view from my desk

A new section of steel goes up on the west side of the Kelley School undergraduate building.

The view from my desk looks like a giant Erector set this week.

Various pieces of construction material -- from the footings to the rafters -- are lined up along the edge of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center site awaiting placement.

The steel is going up pretty quickly on the Fee Lane side, and there's a ton of it. Several tons, actually.

Nathan Morrison, Kelley's construction overseer, stopped by my window today with the construction blueprints, and we pulled out the calculator to do some figuring.

The vertical columns of steel weigh almost 10,000 pounds -- 9,770 to be exact. The deep horizontal beam you see at the top of the photo just left of center is 40 inches tall and weighs 167 pounds per foot, making it almost as heavy at 7,800 pounds. The smaller horizontal beams across the front contribute another 882 pounds apiece.

The blueprints are intricate and precise, and it's a little mind-boggling to think of the number of pieces -- each cut to a particular size and tagged for a certain spot -- that have to be assembled to bring even the frame of the building together.

Thinking about the electrical wiring to come? Mind blown.