Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Students rank Kelley No. 1 in faculty, career services, satisfaction

People love rankings. It's great to be able to say the school you go to or the team you follow or the city you live in is No. 1 at something.

Indiana University and Bloomington are no strangers to top rankings. IU is consistently touted as a top-ranked public university, top research school, top grad school. We're among the most-wired universities and the most beautiful campuses. We have a top music school, top journalism school, and yes, a top business school.

Bloomington is consistently ranked high as a best college town, best place to retire, best small city, most bicycle-friendly, healthiest place to live. The list goes on....

Of course, IU has the No. 1 men's basketball team in the country. (Nice to be able to say that again -- go Hoosiers!) And we have one of the top basketball players in the country, Cody Zeller, who happens to be a Kelley student.

This week, the Kelley School's MBA program achieved No. 1 rankings worldwide in faculty, career services and student satisfaction in a Bloomberg Businessweek survey.

No. 1 in the world.

The thing that makes these rankings so awesome is that they're based on student surveys.

The individual rankings are part of a larger story that will be told Thursday afternoon, when Businessweek releases its overall rankings of MBA programs. The student surveys account for 45 percent of the overall score, with corporate recruiter surveys weighing in at another 45 percent, and faculty research making up the final 10 percent.

We'll be thrilled if our overall ranking improves, but at Kelley, it's always been about the students. Our programs are built around personal development and partnerships with professors, Academy directors and career coaches who genuinely want to know our students and help them succeed in the field that's right for them.

We may not have the most well-known name among business schools (for now), and some may think our Midwestern location puts us at a disadvantage -- although our alumni are employed all over the world -- but the Kelley School has long been considered a "hidden gem" among our alumni and recruiters, and our programs have been used as models at other business schools.

The thing that sets Kelley apart -- the Kelley Advantage -- is a highly personalized approach that prepares our graduates with the soft and hard skills to lead, collaborate and get the job done.

And we're good at it. The best.

Just ask our students.

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