Friday, November 9, 2012

Kelley hosts National Team Selling Competition

Members of the Kelley School team present their sales strategy to the judges. From left, Brandon Tuleja,
Jennifer Messinger, Jordan Rolsky and Jenna Aldo, all seniors.

First Place: University of Washington

The Kelley School was busier than usual recently as our Center for Global Sales Leadership hosted the sixth annual National Team Selling Competition.

Teams from 21 schools filled the halls, breakout rooms and classrooms as they participated in the "Can't Beat the Experience" case competition, sponsored by Altria Group Distribution Company.

Jennifer Whaley, senior account manager with Altria, said the company was excited to sponsor and participate in the competition again.

“We were thrilled to have 21 schools participate and were very impressed by the preparation of the students.  Our goal continues to be to provide the students with a “real world” selling situation,” Whaley said. “The students continue to amaze us with the quality of their sales presentations and their ability to work as a team.”

The schools received the case two weeks in advance, allowing plenty of time for research and collaboration.
Second Place: University of Toledo

This year's case involved developing a sales plan for a fictional GetFit health monitoring system to incorporate into company wellness programs.

After a long day of sales meetings and presentations, students enjoyed networking time and an awards dinner hosted by the Kelley School.

“Our goal of the NTSC is to give sales students the opportunity to take classroom knowledge and experience and apply those skills in a selling situation that is realistic and relevant in today’s market,” said Rosann Spiro, executive director for the Center for Global Sales Leadership.

Third Place: Baylor University

“The NTSC provides a venue for sales students to compete with peers from other schools as well as demonstrate sales skills. We hope everyone found the case challenging and will learn from the team selling approach to sales.”

The University of Washington earned the top spot this year, walking away with bragging rights, individual and school trophies, and a $2,000 prize. Second place and $1,500 went to University of Toledo, and third place and $1,000 went to Baylor University. The Kelley School team of Global Sales Leadership Society members finished just out of the money this year in fourth place.

“The Indiana Team approached this competition as if it were the NCAA basketball finals,” said Kelley School professor Dick Canada. “They prepared, they practiced, they adapted and modified, and they played. And played well, I might add.”

Congratulations to the participants, and thank you to Altria!

Thank you, Altria, for sponsoring the National Team Selling Competition. You can't beat the experience! 

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