Friday, November 30, 2012

Hodge Hall: Week 29 -- The view from my desk

The shape of the roofline of the Hodge Hall expansion is now visible. 

Topping out: The steel frame is complete
on the 10th Street side.

The Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center expansion has "topped out" on the 10th Street side.

With the last piece of steel in place on that side of the building, welders have been busy on every level securing the various components of the structure.

The steel frame sections on the Fee Lane side should be going up next week.

The concrete pump truck arrived before Thanksgiving and started pushing cement to the upper floors. Workers spread it over metal grids used to reinforce the floor and then leveled it with a long board called a screed. A power trowel, which kind of looks like a fan that's laid flat on the surface, is used for finishing.

Cement is pumped up to one of the upper floors of the
expansion, where it is spread over a metal grid
used to reinforce the concrete floor.

With all of the work going on outside my window, it's sometimes hard to remember there's work going on inside the undergrad building. The crew has been working on some plumbing for the restrooms, which are being reconfigured. Interior walls are already going up.

Some temporary light poles went up this week as well, to replace the lights that had to be removed during excavation.

The project continues to be on time, and there have been no major setbacks. We've been lucky to have good weather over the last six months. Great to see it taking shape!

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