Friday, October 26, 2012

Hodge Hall: Week 24 -- The view from my desk

An aerial lift and 50-ton crane work in tendem as crew members remove limestone.
Workers in the lift use a saw to
cut through limestone sections.

So much activity going on outside my window this week!

Workers on the lift have finished removing the protruding limestone from the side of the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center on the Fee Lane side, while those on the ground have been working on walls and backfilling areas with crushed stone.

An auger drills 65 feet below the
surface for the elevator's
We had another piece of equipment on site this week, too. An auger was brought in to drill a hole for the hydraulic shaft for the elevator. 

The hole had to be equally as deep as the highest point of ascension, which meant they had to drill 65 feet below the surface. It took less than two days. 

On the 10th Street side, steel beams continue to rise, creating the skeleton of the Hodge Hall expansion. 

Crews have been working through the rain and wind and are on schedule. 

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