Friday, October 19, 2012

Hodge Hall: Week 23 -- The view from my desk

Up in the air: A 50-ton crane and an aerial lift are used to remove protruding limestone from the
building's facade in order to have a flat surface. On the ground: Workers continue to form the foundation walls.

The steel has arrived, and there has been a buzz of activity on the Hodge Hall construction site this week. Let's look at it by the numbers.

Capstones are removed from atop the undergraduate
building. The top of the 90-ton crane for the steel
 can be seen in the background.
For most of this week, we've had 10 construction vehicles on the site:

  • 1 90-ton crane
  • 1 50-ton crane
  • 1 aerial lift 
  • 2 forklifts
  • 2 bulldozers
  • 1 backhoe
  • 1 Bobcat skid steer
  • 1 cement truck
Add numerous personal trucks, trailers, the site supervisor's golf cart, and all of the people who operate them and who work on the ground, and our little corner of Indiana University at 10th and Fee is as busy as the mezzanine of The Union between classes. 

A sneak peak at what's to come: Site manager Gregg
Rinnert of The Skillman Corporation shared this photo
of the steel beams going up in front of the Kelley School.

About those cranes: The 90-ton crane is hauling huge steel I-beams into place on the 10th Street side, while the 50-ton crane is conveying dismantled limestone from the building's facade. The limestone weighs about 160 pounds per cubic feet -- that's some pretty heavy rock.

The stone has already been removed from the front of the Kelley School, and workers have been removing the capstones from the Fee Lane side this week. Meanwhile, more concrete foundation walls are going up.

The steel beams are going up, too. They're not visible from my desk yet, but the site manager took a photo for us from the 10th Street side. 

Exciting to see so much progress above ground!  

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