Friday, September 28, 2012

Hodge Hall: Week 20 -- The view from my desk

The construction site of the undergrad building expansion got a face lift this week.
The Hodge Hall construction site is sporting IU red (Pantone 201 -- now you know) with new fence panels courtesy of the IU Foundation.

The panels are similar to those around the construction sites of the Jacobs School of Music and the new baseball and softball complex at Fee and the Bypass and say "Philanthropy at WORK."

The elevator shaft at the corner of the existing
building continues to grow skyward.
The Kelley School is proud that no tax dollars or tuition funds are being used for the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center expansion. The generous gifts from our wonderful alums -- including James Hodge, for whom the building is now named --  and a grant from the Lilly Foundation will fund the addition as well as the renovation of the existing building.

Donors can be proud that their gifts will create an innovative and collaborative environment for Kelleys in the future. But they should also be proud that their philanthropy is creating jobs and contributing to all of the businesses, vendors and manufacturers that supply the labor, materials and oversight for the construction.

As for ongoing work, crews have been shaping the walls around the elevator shaft, and creating more forms for footings. They've also been doing some heavy but delicate work on the 10th Street side -- more about that when it comes around to our side.

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