Monday, September 24, 2012

Hodge Hall: Week 19 -- The view from my desk

Construction continues under a beautiful fall sky in Bloomington.
I was out of town at a conference last week, so I was eager to see how much the view from my desk changed over the last 10 days.

We have a new "road" on the Hodge Hall construction site to give the cement mixer and other equipment easy access to the footings. There has been some discussion about naming these roads. What do you think? Dean Dan Drive? Herman B Wells Way? Walled Street?

The foundation and sides for the elevator shaft at the corner are in progress and a few more footings are taking shape. There seems to be more material on the site than when I left. Maybe it's just the migration of most of the equipment from the 10th Street side the Fee Lane side.

Word is we'll be getting a little surprise addition to the site soon....

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