Friday, August 31, 2012

Hodge Hall: Week 16 -- The view from my desk

A lot of activity this week around the corner. 

They're called "rod busters."

The workers who tie rebar together to make grids that are used to reinforce concrete are skilled and practiced in the art.

Tagged rebar.
It's a lot more detailed than it looks. Each steel rebar, short for reinforcing bar, is cut to fit a specific spot on a blueprint for the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center expansion. Some have been shaped with a curve at the mill, which has tagged each bundle of rebar with its size and where it goes in the grand scheme of things.

The rod busters have built a few more grids and cages this week, fastening the rebar together with wire, while the cement truck has been busy churning out the gray glue that holds everything together. They've completed several footings, the last of which just makes it into the view from my window.

As they finish the footings, they bring in "backfill" of crushed stone to fill in the rest of the space. (They took all of that rock out, and now they're bringing more in....) The stone reaches almost to the top of the footings. It will be tamped down to make a hard, firm base for the concrete floor.

But there are a lot more rods to bust before then.

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