Friday, July 27, 2012

Hodge Hall: Week 11 -- The view from my desk

A little welcome rain on the window today.
A lot of the work at the Hodge Hall construction site was done on the inside this week.

Workers methodically removed windows on outside walls that will become inside walls with the addition to the undergrad building on the 10th Street and Fee Lane sides. Then they created blue paper "carpets" on the floors leading to the elevators and hauled cement blocks into the building to be used to seal the openings.

The top two floors were completed on the Fee Lane side, and most of those floors on the 10th Street side as well. They'll work on the ground level floor next, then tackle the smaller windows on the second floor.

Buck Reed was still hard at work on the jackhammer, too, continuing to break through rock to make way for the building's concrete and steel footings. Won't be long now.

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