Friday, June 29, 2012

Hodge Hall: Week 7 -- The view from my desk

Between a place and a hard rock: The jackhammer has been working nonstop this week.

The view from my desk changed quite a bit while I was on vacation.

Much of the "hillside" along Fee Lane has been hauled away, and workers have been busting up the layer of rock underneath to make room for new construction that will expand the
Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center. It's beginning to look a little like a rock quarry.

Gone is the white PVC pipe just beneath the surface that used to house the phone lines. They've been moved, along with other telecom lines. 

Next up: water lines.

Monday evening, the water to both sides of the Kelley School and SPEA will be shut off for four to six hours as workers reroute water from a pipe that crosses the construction site to a new water main under the street. 

Drinking water sources have already been taken out of service and won't be available till the water passes tests to ensure it's safe to drink -- that may not be till July 9. "Water Boil" notices will be posted at all water sources until then, and Kelley will have drinking water on hand for students.

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