Friday, June 22, 2012

Hodge Hall: Week 6 -- The view from my desk

It may not look that different from last week, but a lot of work has been done.

Guest post by Mary Jo Spiegel, internet marketing manager.

Full disclosure—this is not the view from my desk. My desk looks out on shady trees with no construction in sight. The sounds of construction, however, do reach my area and most every corner of the building. Ah, the sounds of progress. According to Nathan Morrison of Kelley's Facility Operations & Services, this week's sounds of progress came from:
  • Excavating dirt down to the rock, a task that's nearly completed
  • Pulling in 1,800 wires (that's 900 lines) and switching the building to new fiber-optics
  • And, mostly, from jackhammering rock for the footings of the building expansion
As site preparation continues on the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center, I look forward to hearing (and seeing) more progress in this first phase of construction.

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