Friday, June 8, 2012

Hodge Hall: Week 4 -- The view from my desk

Excavators continue to remove dirt down to a layer of rock on the site where the Hodge Hall expansion will be built.
It has been a month since construction began on the Hodge Hall Undergraduate Center. The work is going well, helped along by good weather. Nathan Morrison of Kelley's Facility Operations & Services said the project is on schedule and there have been no big setbacks.

This week, excavators with Reed & Sons Construction have been working mainly on the 10th Street side, breaking through the sidewalks and scooping up concrete and dirt down to the layer of rock. There has been an almost constant stream of dump trucks rotating through the site to collect and remove the dirt.

On the Fee Lane side, conduits have been installed to carry the telecom cables, and they're getting ready to re-route the main water line.

On Thursday, we watched workers gingerly pluck a medium-sized Japanese Maple from the ground with its roots intact and carefully remove it from the work site to be replanted elsewhere. The larger trees that had to be removed for the expansion will also get new life. I'll write more about that later, but there are some pretty cool ideas in the works!

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