Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Stretch your brain at the IU Kelley Business Conference

If you've never been to the IU Kelley Business Conference, this is a great year to start. If you've been in the past, it's a good time to revisit the conference to see the changes we've made.

The theme is "Incite Innovation," and we have some great speakers who will do just that.
Ray Kurzweil has been dubbed the "restless genius" by The Wall Street Journal and "the ultimate thinking machine" by Forbes. You may have seen him in the recent Super Bowl commercial for Best Buy Mobile that celebrated inventors who changed the way we use our smart phones. And here he is on "The Colbert Report." He's the author of "The Singularity is Near," which talks about the union of man and machine.
Ray Kurzweil

"Serial innovator" John Kao, also known as "Mr. Creativity," is an expert on innovation, organizational transformation and emerging technologies. He's the author of "Innovation Nation," which I'll let him tell you about in this video.

We've also changed the format to include roundtable discussions, brainstorming and collaboration as Kurzweil and Kao share best practices and encourage us to think about what could be.
John Kao

Providing a company perspective to the interactive conversation will be Sharon Orlopp, global chief diversity officer and a senior vice president at Walmart, and Marvin L. White, system vice president and chief financial officer of St. Vincent Health.

IU alum and Clorox Chairman and CEO Don Knauss, BA'77, will give the keynote address, sharing how he revolutionized the 100-year-old chemical company by emphasizing "our forward-thinking mindset and objective to achieve strong growth, drive innovation and focus on sustainability."

Innovation is a must in today's forever-changing business world, whether you're an entrepreneur, collaborate in a small company or make things happen in a big corporation. We've extended the registration deadline so you can join the conversation and spark your creativity! 

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