Friday, December 9, 2011

Kelleys earn their I-Core Survivor T-shirts

Kelley students show off their hard-won T-shirts at the I-Core Hand-In.

Hundreds of tired but happy Kelley School of Business students filed into the undergrad building this week to turn in their final case studies for I-Core. 

The case is the culmination of an intense semester of work formally called Integrative Core, a coordinated curriculum across finance, marketing, operations, strategy and professionalism that students usually take in the fall of their junior year. 

Finals for I-Core classes are taken before Thanksgiving break, then students are divided into about 140 teams of six people and work for 10 days to complete their case, a detailed analysis of a product from all core business perspectives. Teams spend many hours a day working together on the project, the end result of which is a 100-150 page report. All-nighters are common.

Completing I-Core is a rite of passage at the Kelley School and a requirement before students can begin work on classes in their major. 

It's celebrated by faculty and staff as well as the students at the I-Core Hand-In, where students are served a meal -- maybe the first meal in days that wasn't Red Bull and vending machine fare -- and presented a coveted I-Core Survivor T-shirt.

It's also a time for the students to de-stress and relax with their professors and other I-Core warriors. 
Sometimes the students do silly things. Like seeing if all six team members can fit into an XXXL T-shirt. Or donning their shirts and making a pyramid for their team photo. 

Some teams dress in costumes to turn in their reports. Some of the costumes are representative of what the students feel like after fighting this fight, like the guy who dressed like Rocky.

This week, they're all winners.

For more photos of the I-Core Hand-In, as well as photos of the I-Core Honors presentations, check out the Kelley School of Business Facebook page. Thanks to Kelsey Keag, undergrad manager of program communications, for contributing to this post.

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