Monday, August 22, 2011

Moving in and moving ahead at Kelley LLC

Overseas study is one of many opportunities
that lie ahead for Kelley freshmen.
Today was move-in day at the Kelley Living Learning Center at McNutt Quad, just up the street from the Kelley School of Business.

There are freshmen from New Jersey, Connecticut, Minnesota, Texas, California, Ohio, Chicago, China and, yes, from Indiana. Some came by car, some came by plane. But they all came because they want to immerse themselves in All Things Kelley.

As some unpacked, built lofts in their rooms and got plugged in to the wireless system, others checked out the courtyard, where they could get a picnic lunch and learn about student clubs and opportunities from Kelley students and staff.

Kelley LLC students become fast friends
and motivate each other. 
Opportunities. They will be the first of many for the Kelley LLC freshmen, who will develop partnerships with mentors and faculty, network with alumni and recruiters, and learn their strengths as they begin to bring their goals into focus and map a way to reach them.

Some day they'll be marketers, entrepreneurs, business analysts and financiers. But right now, they're just starting out.

So whether it was last year or 30 years ago, what was the best advice anyone gave you when you were a freshmen?

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