Thursday, October 28, 2010

2020 Vision for a Sustainable Decade

Today, Thursday, 10/28, is the big day—the day when the largest-ever contingent of Kelley MBA students treks to the national Net Impact conference ( Net Impact is a national organization with local chapters, including Kelley, whose mission is to “inspire, educate, and equip individuals to use the power of business to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable world.” In short, Net Impact is for students and professionals who want to do well in business (or non-profits, government) but also do some good. MBA students form the core of the membership ranks, and speaking as a member of the Kelley MBA Net Impact leadership team, we’ve worked hard to raise the profile of Kelley as a place where MBAs looking for more than just a paycheck are adequately supported.

This is a special year for Kelley Net Impact because the national conference is a) within driving distance, in Ann Arbor (about 6 hours away), and b) not happening during 1st year Case Comp week. I wrangled a couple of school vans and got a group hotel rate to make it easier for students to attend—and we don’t even have to miss any classes. The combined result: 19 MBA students (and 3 Kelley undergrads) are going to the conference.

So many educational panels and seminars are being offered this year that it’s really hard to decide which ones to attend. (To make it a little easier, each is separated into one of eight themed tracks.) And while this is typically more of a networking and education event than a recruiting event, I was surprised to learn that companies at the conference are looking to fill over 150 jobs, ranging from big employers like Deloitte and DuPont to non-profits like KIPP Foundation and the National Park Service. Note to self: pack business cards and resumes.

We’ll be sending out tweets from the conference and updating this blog with perspectives from other Kelley MBA attendees during and after the event, so stay tuned.

Guest blog entry by: Karim U. Khan, 2011 Kelley MBA Candidate

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