Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Habitat for Humanity/Whirlpool Corporation first-ever campus build

Outside of Indiana Football’s Memorial Stadium, near the intersection of Indiana 45/46 and Dunn Street, Habitat for Humanity has been building a house since Thursday, September 23. Habitat is partnering with Whirlpool Corporation on the build. It is amazing how much progress has already been made. The build should be completed on October 2. Today, Kelley School of Business’s Dean Smith was on site helping out. Many IU students are volunteering to help build the house, including many students from Kelley and the Undergrad Civic Leadership Development group and the MBA Kelley Cares group. Indiana Bloomington’s Provost and Executive Vice President Karen Hanson was also helping out today.
The house is being built for Trish Vosekas, who has been living in Bloomington since 1985. Trish is very excited about her new house and is very thankful to everyone helping out. The student volunteers wrote messages to Trish on the walls of the building. When asked about the messages Trish stated, “They all were heart filled and extremely touching. By signing the house I feel the messages that the students wrote to me. Now my walls can talk.” Trish is on site everyday – building and making sure that the area near the build site doesn’t create pollution, by taking it upon herself to clean up all the stray trash, nails, packaging, etc. She wants even her temporary yard to be neat!
By Oct. 2, Indiana University will have the first completed Habitat for Humanity/Whirlpool Corporation build on a college campus. This really says a lot about how Indiana University gives back to its community. It is setting a standard for other universities around the country. Trish is so thankful to the college students that are taking time out to help build her house. Other schools should definitely join IU by bringing a Habitat for Humanity build to their campus!

Guest Post submitted 9/27/10 by IU junior, Matt Kamenitz.

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