Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The village of Viesese

Today was another great day! Ever since we arrived to Fiji I have been thinking that this project was one of the things that I wanted to experience during my MBA, and I still can’t believe my dream came true.

Our day started very early. It was 7:15 am when Ravin, our driver, picked us up at the hotel. After our meeting with Dorinda Work at Microfinance West Offices, we were ready to start our research. In order to cover more ground we decided to split into two teams. Jacob and his wife visited one of the Fijians markets in order to gain more knowledge about how women in these kind of businesses benefited from micro-loans; and Matt and I visited a Fijians Village, called Viesese.

Before getting there we were advised about how respectful we must be about their traditions, but really these women were very helpful and warm with us. They were anxious to share their stories with us and after an hour of conversation learning about their reasons for being involved in these kinds of loans we were offered a cup of coffee and a piece of homemade bread. They really wanted us to spend more time with them. I felt it was through coffee, bread and a nice conversation how they opened up to share a piece of their lives with us.

Guest blog provided by Rocio Ortiz, Kelley MBA 2011.

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