Thursday, April 29, 2010


On Tuesday, April 17th at 7:30pm, in the Indiana Memorial Union's Whittenberger Auditorium, a screening of the Universal Pictures movie MacGruber was held. An hour before the movie even started, a huge line of people were anxiously waiting out front, hoping to get seats to this event. These fans were not the only people attending; two of the movies stars, Will Forte and Ryan Phillippe were on hand, joined by director and writer Jorma Taccone and writer John Solomon.

You may be wondering, how was this SNL skit, turned motion picture, held in IU before its May 21st release? It was all made possible by Kelley student Jerrod Jeffries. Jerrod is the campus rep for Universal Pictures. When speaking to Jerrod he told me,"I enjoy giving students the opportunities for entertainment." With his help Indiana University was chosen as one of the five schools that would screen MacGruber and the four stars would go to. The other schools are North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado and UCLA. Universal Pictures is doing these screenings to get the buzz started for their movie.

The screening was a huge success. The movie was hilarious and the crowd was laughing the whole time. It was the first time I heard cheers for a movie that wasn't a sequel. Obviously they found the perfect target audience for their movie in college students. When speaking about SNL Ryan Phillippe stated "it is closest to a live show for an actor. It was a little terrifying but exhilarating." Somehow the movie was shot in 28 days, which is very short for a movie to be filmed. Based on the reaction of the IU audience, I believe this movie is going to be a huge success and I recommend it to everyone.

Attending the Kelley business school helped Jerrod get his position as the campus representative for Universal Pictures. Jerrod did an incredible job putting this event together. Not only did over 400 students get to see a movie three and a half weeks before it came out, but they also got to meet some of the stars that helped make the movie so great. Remember attending Kelley isn't just about going to classes. Take advantage of all opportunities you can including, internships, clubs, and committees or even become a campus rep. Maybe you can be the next Jerrod Jeffries and you too can help bring Hollywood to Bloomington.

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