Monday, April 12, 2010

The Business of Life Sciences Club

Most people don't usually associate life sciences with business. In school, business majors usually have different plans for the future. Accounting majors want to land a job with the Big Four; finance majors want to either work for a brokerage firm, a hedge fund, or a bank; marketing majors want to either work in the media industry or for a big name product manufacturer; and the list goes on. An entrepreneur just out of college isn't looking to open up a new hospital.

The truth is, 3 out of the top 10 industries with the largest employment are in healthcare. There are great jobs out there in the health care industry for all business majors. Last summer, I worked in the Marketing and PR Department at CentraState Hospital in New Jersey. Before working there I had never even considered working at a hospital since I was a marketing major. But it was actually really interesting being behind the scenes in the hospital and seeing how it operates. I gained a ton of experience and also learned a lot.

The Business of Life Sciences Club brings together Indiana University Bloomington students, faculty, life science companies, and corporate partners to promote knowledge about healthcare careers. I definitely suggest everyone check this club out. If you know what you want to do after school or not you should still go to a meeting and see if The Business of Life Sciences Club sparks your interest.
Just because Life Sciences and Business aren't usually said in the same sentence doesn't mean they aren't a good fit. This is a tough job market, but hospitals and healthcare institutions are still hiring. Learn more about working in the healthcare sector by attending the next BLSC meeting which is Wednesday April 14th at 7pm in BU102.

For more information, visit the group's website. You can also email questions to

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