Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 Entrepreneurial Connection

On Friday, April 16, the Kelley School of Business hosted the third annual IU Entrepreneurial Connection event, featuring keynote speaker Dr. Mark Albion, founder of the social entrepreneurship organization Net Impact. This year's Entrepreneurial Connection coincided with World Entrepreneurship Day.

Entrepreneurial Connection is organized by current MBA students in the Entrepreneurship Program to bring together current and past Kelley students to form a supportive network of entrepreneurs and innovators. Each event features a keynote speaker, a panel discussion, and formal and informal networking opportunities.

The William L. Haeberle Entrepreneurial Legacy Award is also presented as part of this event. This year's award was presented to the Cook family. You can read the details of this award in this news release.

Keynote speaker Dr. Mark Albion a successful entrepreneur and author, spoke about choosing a career based on something you enjoy and really want to do. He said working just to make money isn't the move because if you enjoy what you are doing you having much better chance at being successful. He quoted Warren Buffet on how wrong people are when they first work to make money and then work on something they are passionate about. Why not work n what you are passionate about from the beginning? Mark also asked audience members. "What is it that makes you come alive?" He said it is important to set that spark off in one another.
Mark also remarked that success is different for every person. He showed the audience an inspiring animated movie called The Good Life. It's available for free on YouTube, and only a few minute long. I highly recommend it to everyone- it's very eye opening despite being so brief.

After Mark spoke Kelley entrepreneurship professor Donal Kurtako (known as Dr. K) introduced the panel and started a discussion about social entrepreneurship. In addition to Mark Albion, the mother members of the panel were Jeff McMullen, and Siri Terjesen both professors of management and entrepreneurship at the Kelley School of Business; and Susan Maupin, Director of Marketing for Stonyfield Farm and an MBA graduate from Kelley. During the panel discussion Mark noted that one lives life forward but understands it backward.

I found, to be the most meaningful, when he recommended that students develop as many experiences as they can. Students should get different types of internships and broaden their horizons. This is because doing as many different things as you can, will help you find your true passion and discover what makes you come alive.

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