Monday, February 1, 2010

Kelley hosts first-ever women's case competition

From Thursday, January 21 through Saturday, January 23, 2010, six teams of women from top MBA programs across the country came to Kelley for the first ever women's case competition. The focus of the live case was business strategy for the Bloomington-based firm Textillery Weavers.

"This is an exciting one-of-a-kind competition," said Pamela Roberts, director of the Kelley School's full-time MBA program. "Women MBAs are typically an under-represented population, comprising around 30 percent of students in MBA programs nationwide. It's our commitment to provide women MBAs programming and events focused on their strengths and opportunities. This competition offers a powerful opportunity to compete with top female MBAs while networking with peers and corporations from around the country."

2010 serves as the inaugural year for the Kelley School of Business MBA Women's Case Invitational, which is the only case competition of its kind that exists today. The Kelley School's latest class of 227 full-time MBAs is 34 percent female, one of the highest percentages at any school in the country. The Case Invitational is just one example of the Kelley School's commitment to recruiting and maintaining a diverse and accomplished pool of business leaders, who are engaged locally and think globally, said Roberts.

Second-year consumer marketing student Molly Lyons, who helped organize the event, blogged about her experience: "The competition was open to first-year women from top MBA schools from across the country and was very close to my heart as I have spent a good deal of the past year organizing the weekend."

The top three teams each took home a cash prize and a trophy. Here are the results:
1st place: UCLA – Maggie Watson, Sa Suwanarat,
Zaina Ashar, Camille Zahniser

2nd place: UNC – Brita Turner, Kate Breen,
Elizabeth Kelly, Amanda Rabideau

3rd place: IU – Nicci Pannier, Rachel Vaughn,
Nicole Garland, Lindsey Hall

Best Q&A: Amanda Rabideau (UNC)
Best Presenter: Camille Zahniser (UCLA)
Honorable Mentions for Presentation/Q&A: Maggie Watson(UCLA), Nicci Pannier (IU), Kate Breen (UNC)

Kelley's team, left to right, Lindsey Hall, Nicole Garland, Nicci Pannier, Rachel Vaughn

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