Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Two weeks in the life of Kelley's Living Learning Center

Derek Green is a freshman at Indiana University, and a member of the executive board of the Kelley Living Learning Center (LLC). Here he describes life at the LLC over a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for future guest blogs from LLC residents.

The Kelley LLC has proven itself to be one of the best choices I have made so far in college. Besides the amazing faculty and support offered through the business school, the KLLC has been such a source of teamwork and mutual aid -- a place where we are all in the same boat, taking the same classes, and can truly appreciate what our peers are going through. We have been taking advantage of field trips, the most recent being a trip to a theme park. The KLLC allows a balance between academics and socializing, perfect for any freshman looking to get acquainted with college. – November 10th

The Kelley LLC is busy as always. With our bi-weekly speaker series, networking opportunities, faculty lunches, and individualized course loads, we remain extremely active. It is always helpful living in a dorm where you sleep right next door to 2 other business students, allowing help to be literally “just around the corner.” KLLC is a nurturing and inclusive environment and has helped my friends and me become immersed in the business community. - November 16th

As of right now, many of us are studying for hours on end in preparation for this week’s tests. The study lounge on the basement floor as well as the silent study rooms on every floor are full of students in search of a place where they can focus. It’s always nice to take a break and grab a drink from the Starbucks in the central McNutt CafĂ©, and it makes a great stop on the way to class. -November 23rd

We’re back from Thanksgiving break, transitioning back into dorm life. The mood in the KLLC is great, everybody has been catching up with friends and classmates. The weather is cooling down now, fall is definitely starting to turn into winter. The next few weeks will bring tests and finals, so we are working hard to finish the semester off with strong grades. Despite the workload, we manage to spend time with friends, remain active in clubs, and stay healthy by working out at the workout facilities in different locations on campus. – November 30th

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