Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Student microfinance organization blogs road trip

Kelley's Trockman Microfinance Initiative is a student organization that strives to educate students about microfinance, the provision of financial services to poor or low-income individuals. The group connects students and the community at large to the world of microfinance.

The initiative's work ranges from researching microfinance practices in certain geographic regions, to hosting guest speakers experienced in the field of microfinance, to helping impoverished entrepreneurs abroad find distribution channels for their products in the United States.

Recently, Trockman's president, Kristy Anderson guest blogged about their visit to Opportunity International headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois.

After a five-hour carpool from Bloomington, Ind., and a night at the
Holiday Inn, the 12 members of our group entered through the glass doors at
Opportunity International’s Oak Brook office at 9:30 a.m. on Friday, Nov. 6,
2009. As members of Indiana University’s Trockman Microfinance Initiative,
we were visiting Opportunity as part of a Chicago trip geared to providing
knowledge of microfinance straight from practitioners. As we were taken into a
conference room by our host, Andrew Koehler, partner relations
manager, we would soon discover how invaluable this visit would be!

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