Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Second annual CFO Roundtable

On Friday, October 2, 2009, Kelley hosted its second annual CFO Roundtable. The roundtable is the brainstorm of Accounting Professor David Greene.

"Before I joined the faculty, I was the CFO of Young & Rubicam. When I got here, I discovered that there was a lot of academic research that I wished I had known about when I was 'in the real world' either a) because I could have applied that research in my day-to-day activities, or b) because academic research has disproven some of the fundamental assumptions that I had been making about how the world works," Greene explains.

Eight companies, with combined revenues of more than $127 billion, participated this year.

  • Belgacom CFO Ray Stewart

  • Boston Scientific CFO Sam Leno

  • Brandt Consolidated CFO Joe Brummel

  • Brown-Forman CFO Don Berg

  • Ernst & Young CFO Kathy Pawlus

  • Hillenbrand CFO Cindy Lucchese

  • Honeywell CFO Dave Anderson

  • Wellpoint CFO Wayne DeVeydt

More than 600 MBA and undergraduate students participated in a daylong event of panels and networking.

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