Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Off to the Net Impact Conference

A guest post from Aimee Light and Alexis Suskin-Sperry of Net-Impact, Kelley's sustainable business group for undergraduate students.

At Kelley, there is constant movement, from running to your next class to attending your next meeting, it is easy to lose sight of why we are here. Whether you are aiming to be the next powerful consultant or landing a job in a Fortune 500, we all chose a path at Kelley. At a recent Net Impact Meeting, I was reminded of why I am here. Anne Auer, marketing and communications director at Kelley, spoke to the club about her history founding an Environmental Business graduate chapter as well as her first experience at an environmentally focused conference in Berkeley. Her enthusiasm, stories, and support for our club made me so excited to represent Kelley this weekend at Cornell University at the Net Impact conference.

The Net Impact Conference will be a convergence of diverse groups of people sharing ideas promoting the power of businesses and corporations in order to make a serious impact on making the world a better place. I cannot wait to meet all of the other undergraduates passionate about these issues and learn from the MBAs and professionals through their expertise and experiences about all the different skills the business school is teaching us can be applied to making serious change happen!

It sounds so cheesy but when we get into that room with 2,400 people all gathering around the concept of 'doing good' through business, I know I will have shivers (I get them just thinking about it now!).

Now it’s our turn to soak in as much information from business leaders like CEO of GE, Jeffry Immelt, or CEO of Honest Tea, Seth Goldman, and apply it to not only our future but also Kelley’s future.

Special thanks to Anne’s wonderful support and come back and read about our experience at conference!

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