Monday, November 9, 2009

Empowering Girls Today to be the Leaders of Tomorrow

A guest post from Kelley undergrads Aimee Light, Ashley Oswald, Katie Braatz, Ashley Estoque

During the Spring of 2009, Women in Business participated in the Ernst & Young Case Competition, which was devoted to increasing diversity at the Kelley School of Business. Our long-term goal was to inspire younger students to pursue a career in business. We presented to Ernst & Young our idea of establishing a high school program dedicated to sharing our business knowledge and experiences with young female students. To accomplish our goal, we designed an entrepreneurship program for high school members to get hands-on business experience.

Women in Business won the Ernst & Young case competition, which provided us with support and funding to develop the high school business program. We connected with a Teach For America recruiter, and she recommended contacting Indianapolis Lighthouse Charter Academy. Lighthouse Charter Academy's students are the first in their families to attend college, and the school has 100% college placement. This school was a great fit for our initiative because the students were eager to learn, and we were excited and energized to be at the school.

Our goal at Lighthouse is to teach the students different functions in business and the process it takes to become an entrepreneur. Beyond business, we want to have an impact on the future of our students by acting as their mentors and role models, emphasizing the importance of a college education, and teaching them the mindset and self-discipline it takes to be successful as a student and employee.

Check back for more updates from the Women in Business and Lighthouse Charter Academy.

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